The Danish Nature Interpreters have different networks which they are part of and can benefit from.

Traning networks
During their training the Nature Interpreters are divided into groups of approximately 20 members. Through the training the Nature Interpreters become closely linked with the other members of the group so that even after the training has come to an end they function as a professional forum for each other.

Regional networks
On a country-wide basis the Nature Interpreters are part of regional networks which constitute their professional forum locally. Within the regional networks, a network co-ordinator, who has been freed from his usual work for a number of hours each week, organises activities such as courses and development work. Moreover, a national network co-ordinator is employed to organise and co-ordinate network activities on a national basis. The national network co-ordinator is employed in the Secretariat of the Nature Interpreter Service and works in the Outdoor Council, an umbrella organisation for about 90 outdoor leisure activities and Nature organisations in Denmark.

The regional networks organise theme days, workshops and training courses in order to strengthen the Nature Interpreters’ professional and personal development, thereby assuring that Denmark always has a modern Nature Interpreter Service.