The Association

Nature Interpretation Denmark is a professional forum for Nature Interpreters and Nature Schools’ personnel as well as others who are interested in Nature Interpretation.
Nature Interpretation Denmark works to disseminate information and experience on Nature interpretation and environmental education in order to promote and ensure a high standard amongst the Danish Nature Interpreters and Nature schools. A further aim is to ensure the rights of the population to outdoor leisure activities and experiences in Nature.

Nature Interpretation Denmark works politically by seeking representation on councils and committees which deal with questions regarding Nature interpretation. Nature Interpretation Denmark is represented on two of the Danish Outdoor Council’s standing committees and on the Danish Outdoor Council’s county representations.

Nature Interpretation Denmark’s two most important activities are the publication of the magazine “Nature Interpretation” and the arranging of the Annual Conference for Nature Interpreters.

The Nature Interpretation is published 4 times a year and covers: themes, discussions, news and “tips and tricks”, which are relevant to Nature Interpreters in their daily work. The editorial staff try to keep up-to-date with what is happening in the Nature dissemination field around the country in order to keep their members informed. Moreover, the magazine reports news from the regional network of Nature Interpreters and Nature disseminators, together with news from Nature Interpretation Denmark and the organisations behind it. The Annual Conference for Nature Interpreters is a focal meeting for Nature Interpreters in Denmark. The Annual Conference is held the first week in March, each Annual Conference having its own theme. During the Conference there are a number of presentations and discussions, together with excursions. At the Conference many contacts are made between the Nature Interpreters and much experience is shared regarding the different points on the programme. Moreover, the Nature Interpreters’ Association’s General Assembly is held in connection with the Annual Conference.

Nature Interpretation Denmark is a member of the International Ranger Federation, IRF