Training of Nature Interpreters

The Danish Interpreter Service offers a basic training course to people who can prove that they are employed as Nature Interpreters and who use a considerable part of their working time on Nature interpretation.

Since 1989 approximately 20 Nature Interpreters have been trained every year.

The course, which is organised by the Danish Forestry College, is adjusted on a regular basis to the demands and needs of the present.

The course comprises practical training which has as its point of departure the Nature Interpreter’s own experience, knowledge and skills and thus increases his/her competence as a professional nature interpreter. This is achieved by strengthening the Nature Interpreters’ flexibility in the way they deal with different situations, their pedagogical insight and ability to reflect on their own way of doing things.

At present the course takes place over a period of 20 months where the participants take part in a 10 days’ course and then every 6 months in a 5 days’ course. In between the courses the participants have to work on different study assignments which form a part of their daily work.174 working hours are set aside for the study assignments.

When a Nature Interpreter is accepted on the course both the person involved and their employer become affiliated to the Nature Interpreter Service. This means that they are members of the Nature Interpreter Service, have the right to use the organisation’s logo “the Owl” and from that time onwards will recieve the relevant material from the organisation’s secretariat.

After the basic training course the Nature Interpreters are offered a series of further training courses and the possibility of participating in workshops, theme days, conferences etc.